Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Look Up Look down at the train station

I’ve always loved the structures of the old British railway stations with their grids of painted metal and glass across vast areas.  So when a train pulled up at the opposite platform while I was waiting for my late train I knew I had a good pair for my up and down this weekup-down-train

I enjoy that this week I have a strong structural pair as well as capturing a moment of my week.  The train eventually arrived 20 minutes late but at the third stop they announced the train was stopping here and we all had to crowd onto another train and then change again to reach our eventual destination (on time !). 


Maria Ontiveros said...

I love all the lines and metal, plus the pop of red and the texture of the gravel! So much to see in these "simple" photos.

Gail said...

Coming from a railway family these really drew my attention. Glad to hear you weren't too delayed in your travels.

Amy said...

Yes, I like the lines and metal as well - train stations are fascinating places.