Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Look up Look down at serendipitous direction

Often I have an idea for my photo pair but this week I was looking for inspiration and happened upon a link on my walk. 


I took the weather vane along with lots of other shots of the scenery because I find that I am taking many more shots looking up since I started this meme.  Then I spotted this lovely handmade signpost and thought it would link nicely with the  golden yellow and directional nature of the weather vane.  I do love some serendipity.  And I hope Charlotte and her friends had a lovely party.


Amy said...

A clever pairing this week Helena ... Charlotte's party looks as though it would have been fun - we will never know!

Sian said...

That sign really put a smile on my face this morning. I bet they had a wonderful time

alexa said...

I am smiling at that happy lettering and your delightful pairing. There is something so,playful about weather vanes :).