Thursday, August 29, 2013

oh I do like to be beside the seaside



that nice soft effect on these photos – its natural, not pixel magic – its fog!  And yes there were still people enjoying the beach, because the temperature was in low 20s C.  We’ve had lots of days recently that start with heavy fog over the water – but then it goes to reveal


all the photographic wonders of stripes of sand and water and sky.  There were actually quite a few people on the beach when I took these – I just chose the empty bits to photograph.  I’m addicted to capturing the horizon where water meets sky and all the stripes of colour. Shame the sun doesn’t rise or set in that direction.

do you have a photo addiction?


Amy said...

I do like taking photos of beaches but I'm drawn to roses at the moment! I think your beach photos today are my favourite colour scheme though - so restful.

Anonymous said...

I love that last grouping of shots. As for me I love taking sunsets (preferably over water) or flowers and it seems like I haven't taken any of either yet this year. (:

Sian said...

Doors opening onto something are my addiction I think.

I love the soft colours here - and makes me think of Rinda quoting Jack Sparrow "Bring me that horizon"

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Such pretty and serene photos, Helena. I suppose my obsession later has been our sunsets. For a while it was sunflowers, but I don't have much blooming at the moment.

Jennie said...

Beautiful Helena - - I am just getting to grips with using my phone to take pictures - and am trying to learn to take better shots as well as mastering my new camera. I guess anything goes with me at the moment - but I do often find myself gazing out over the sea. J x