Monday, August 26, 2013

Look what I’ve been making

I’ve been beavering away on 2 projects that do not involve my computer or camera.

First some bunting to decorate the marquee that my uncle used for his big party this past weekend. 


They only had to withstand being put up and one evening and as I was making 5 x 40 feet of bunting I went for the easiest method and attached each with one staple (except when I missed the yarn and took 2 or 3 to attach it).

Well worth the effort as they did make a big difference – alongside the length of crepe paper bunting my Mum had made


My other project involved wool and a crochet hook.  I’ve been making items for a charity which provides warmth to AIDs orphans in South Africa for several years but in a rather haphazard way.  Over the past few months I’ve been experimenting with crochet patterns and decided to turn them into something useful.  So I’ve challenged myself to create enough squares for one blanket. 


I actually have another 5 which I haven’t photographed yet so my goal is reachable.

Several of my squares started as circle patterns which seem to be popular in crochet blogs and magazines at the moment.  I then turn them into a square


I’ve also been playing with making a square from the corner and adding on two sides on each row


Trying out the different patterns and mixing colours keeps me amused and motivated to make more.  I also like the size as I can finish them quickly which makes it easier to experiment with different patterns and colourways.

Do you have any big creative projects on the go?


Sian said...

Er, I have a jumper which only needs the neckband knitted to be finished. And it's been like that all summer..

These are both great projects. I love the photo of the bunting. It really looks celebratory

Gail said...

My that looks festive. My projects aside from working on a couple of classes is to try and finish things I started ages ago.

alexa said...

Such happy bunting! It always brings a smile to my face :). And your crocheting sounds very worthwhile, as well as giving you a chance to experiment. Projects? A bit like Gail - finishing what I have started!

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

The bunting looks fantastic, Helena, and I love your blocks. Ah, your work is just so lovely!

My big project is a quilt I'm making for Carrie. This reminds me that I need to get back to it!

Maria Ontiveros said...

That's a lot of bunting! It really does look great. I want to finish my travel altered book so I can get on with a new project in September. August just truly got away from me.