Thursday, August 8, 2013

making the most of a beautiful blossom

After enjoying pure digi creation with Summer of Colour I’m ready for a change in focus for pixel magic play and was delighted to find a new gathering of photo art at Nature Footstep memes which has 4 weekly themes, one of which is abstract.

I took some photos of this flower in my garden with the idea that it would provide a good vehicle for some abstract play

first I cropped and inverted the image – love the shapes and colours

abstract 5 aug 2 i

then I played around a bit before duplicating and tiling the images

to create a circle pattern

abstract 5 aug 2

and a piece that I think would look great as a fabric

abstract 5 aug 2 a

Pleased to have found a new place to share abstract photoart and look forward to visiting the other participants and probably following some of the other memes too:  catching the light;  blo-ma (a Swedish phrase referring to macro flowers); and winged.


Annemor said...

Love it. I can see that you enjoy playing around with pixels and colours as much as I do- great editing. The "circle" caught my eye.
Have a great day.

Ma said...

I agree that the last one would be a nice fabric. The inverted effect works well here.

Patty Antle said...

This is a very cool technique. Reminds me of a kaleidoscope. Very pretty.

NatureFootstep said...

it is a beautiful flower an I love the abstracts you crated from it.

Welcome o NF Abstract.

I want to clearify one thing about Blo-Ma. It is for flowers and any macro shot. Not entierly macro flowers.

alexa said...

Lovely piece of 'fabric' and looking forward to more of your digital wizardry :).

Maria Ontiveros said...

Beautiful colors!

Prairie Jill said...

Gorgeous! I agree with you - it would make a beautiful fabric.

Patty Antle said...

me again...Helena, do you mind if I use these pictures and reference you in one of my blog posts? They are so beautiful.

Gail said...

That is so neat looking! I especially like the circular one.