Thursday, May 2, 2013

irresistible shot

One of my regular walks is along the promenade by the beach with a stop at the cafe at one end, before heading back again.  This cafe makes great coffee but I also enjoy the seats outside next to the beach and, in particular that there are always pots of flowers on the tables.

At the moment there are small daffodils which I couldn’t resist snapping; in December there was heather, even when there was frost on the sand; and last summer there were geraniums.  No, I don’t have a fantastic memory for such details – I clearly find the image of the flower pots of the tables irresistible as I easily found these in my albums


Do you have any shots that you find irresistible and have taken several times over the year?


Miriam said...

Oh my goodness yes I do. Like you I love using my camera, and when you participate in a few memes as I do, you just never know when 'that shot' will be 'just perfect' I love your triptych, the different skies and sand are gorgeous, well done.

alexa said...

These photos are beautifully arranged and displayed here ... I keep taking photos f the little maples in the garden because they are so pretty at different times of year. A walk beside a beach followed with tea or coffee In the middle sounds blissful!

Alison said...

What lovely pics...and pots! I would certainly be tempted to go there for coffee!
Alison xx

Amy said...

Absolutely yes - I have a few places where I return to again and again. You've given me a great idea for a Storytelling Sunday post!

Maria Ontiveros said...

I take the sunset off the back deck quite often. Will have to think of other things. I really like question!

Gail said...

Lovely photos Helene. I most definitely do, especially of our garden.