Wednesday, May 29, 2013

blogland baby shower for Cate

When Deb sent out an invite to an online baby shower for Cate I was intrigued, mostly because I’ve never attended one.

Deb’s idea was for us scrappers to create the basics of a page, using Cate’s favourite purple, so that Cate could then add a photo and some words and have a lovely album of her newest baby. Well I have plenty of purple stuff so putting together a page was fun.

I didn't really send her the photo of Carrie, me and Deb! I just preferred the photo of the page when I had a photo in place and that one was on my table when I made this in late April.

I though that Cate could use the ‘5’ in various ways – 5 days, 5 weeks, 5 favourite something, 5 facts, a hand or foot closeup (5 perfect digits) etc

So raising my glass to Cate and her new baby and to Deb for organising the shower and off to check out what else is happening for this blogland baby shower


Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Ah!!! I love this. I am smiling as I type because I just love that you photographed your adorable "5" page with that photo of us. Carrie had an idea that we should have photographed our pages with a baby photo of ourselves, but that was after I'd already put the initial post up on my blog. :o)

Your 5 is just so perfect, as this is Cate's baby #5. Thanks so much for participating, Helena!

Sian said...

You are so right..I found my pages looked totally different without a photo. I like your solution. Bet Cate will too

JO SOWERBY said...

Such a lovely photo of you all together and the number 5 is perfect to choose a photograph for,
Jo xxx

Karen said...

Lovely photo of you with Deb and Carrie and what a lovely page too.

Alison said...

Clever idea to use the number 5, Helena!
Alison xx

Amy said...

That's a great idea to incorporate the number five - and I also agree about pages having a photo ... it was a good one to include for the purpose of today's post!

Miriam said...

Oh what a really lovely idea of Deb's. Your page is gorgeous! It will be such a wonderful gift for Cate.

alexa said...

That's very pretty, that combination of colours, and I love your little contrasting brads. Such a sweet gift!

cate behind the purple door said...

ooh, 5 is a great idea, I can think of plenty of photos for that! Thank you for your gorgeous page!