Friday, May 17, 2013

#bytheriver goslings


On my daily walk by the river I glanced across and noticed that the geese had goslings with them (memory flash of school homework learning the male, female and young of different birds and animals).

I walked round closer and realised there were three families together – I was interested to see that one pair is native (orange beak, above), one is Canada Geese (black necks, below) and one pair is one of each (below left).


They were comfortable with people around and long as they were not too close. Just as well as I was not the only person watching, or taking photos.  Lots of people stopped to look and everyone left with a smile.

I took lots of photos and decided to put them together in a montage


I’ll be keeping an eye out for them over the coming weeks – they don’t stay fluffy for long.


alexa said...

That is a stunning montage! So effective ... I saw some last weekend but my snaps are nowhere near as good as yours ...

Anonymous said...

very cute!

Maria Ontiveros said...

That montage is beautiful! I love the one photo in it where the goslings on nestled on the goose's back.

Miriam said...

How gorgeous are these! Loving your montage.

Anonymous said...

What a great looking montage! We haven't seen many goslings around here in the past few years.