Monday, May 20, 2013


My knitting group is branching out into other crafts as we are all crafty and creative at heart rather than diehard knitters. 

Our first project started with nice mugs of tea, yummy biscuits and busy hands cutting (and taking photos)


We all mucked in for the preparation of lots of triangles with each finding their niche in folding, drawing and cutting.

Then we each set to work to create a row of bunting and it was lovely to see the different approaches to designing the pattern and spacing along the ribbon.  Our host started in the middle with a symmetrical pattern and 2 finger widths between each piece while our artist participant kept the triangles touching and graded from dark to light.  Really nice to see that each of us set off with a plan and that each was totally different.


Then through the sewing machine on a nice big zig zag stitch and we each had a length of bunting – here is mine – the triangle that look white are actually cream with fawn dots.


Bunting was a perfect collective project as we could all help in the preparation and having 4 of us taking part meant we could use more different patterns.


Jimjams said...

We'll be making some paper bunting soon ... wonder if the group have similarly divergent "styles"

Sian said...

Bunting is a brilliant collective project! Some years ago we did a bunting birthday party for TSO. Everyone glued the letters to spell their name onto the pieces and then my sister and I machined them together while they ate the birthday tea

Miriam said...

Bunting is just so cheerful and a great idea for a knit and natter/Buns and Bunting brilliant

alexa said...

This looks like such great therapy! Your bunting is very soft and pretty - are you hanging it up somewhere at home?

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

I always love bunting, and yours turned out so cute! How fun to create something like that with a group of friends...I must remember this...

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a fun thing to do with friends . . . I need friends who can sew.

scarlett said...

I'm seeing so many of these banners in blogland, this one is wonderful. I love the larger size and pretty fabrics!