Monday, April 1, 2013

March in numbers

April already, maybe Spring weather will turn up soon too!

Joining in with Julie’s month in numbers again


No April fools items in here – always tricky reading anything on 1st April.


Miriam said...

Hi Helena, 7 different flowers blooming! I have an old wheelbarrow full of tiny daffs!! but they are cheerful.
Lovely set of numbers again.

Elizabeth said...

March was a productive month for you!

Becky said...

Great set of numbers for March!

Julie Kirk said...

I must thank you for being one of the 20 others who've helped me reach 40% of my fundraising target! Thank you!!

I completely forgot to mention the books I read this time - which I'd been meaning to make part of my monthly round-up all year!

We definitely need some sort of interactive map to see which crafters met who and where during March. There were so many crafty get-togethers mentioned by Month in Numbers bloggers that we must all be overlapping somewhere!

I've added you to the board now Helena:

Wishing you a very happy April!

Julie :-)

[p.s am envious of your blooms - I've decided I need more early spring colour in my garden - so maybe next March I'll report on how many flowers I managed to grow too!]

Angelfish said...

Wow! Your garden is doing well. There is nothing in ours, except grass which is too long, but too wet to cut! There have been lots of crafty/bloggy meet up in March. Isn't it fun :o)

Carrie Rosalind said...

I love your numbers and am honored to be included this month! :) I think I should do a March month in numbers...I'd have a ton of "miles traveled" if nothing else!

Alison said...

Love your numbers this month...I really MUST join in one of these months!
Alison xx

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

:o) Clever you, Helena. I love your numbers this month, and especially love the way you counted and described your blog friend meet ups!

Melissa Stebbins said...

Wow, you had a lot of fun outings this month, great list of numbers.

Nanna Kate said...

loving your MIN format, it's lovely. TWO musicals?! and I thought I was spoilt going to see ONE! :)

Have a great April, see you here next month X

Tamara said...

Lovely numbers and page. I think that I need to get my numbers scrapbooked too.

Nathalie said...

I am catching up on everyone's numbers and I see that many of you got together ;) Your blogfriends' names made me smile (as I know of them too)