Friday, April 12, 2013

Photo Art in the shadows

As I’m away from home this week and using my notebook, and so a small screen, I only created one piece to hang in the PhotoArt Friday gallery this week.

I’d read Bonnie’s suggested theme of shadow (and light) before I flew so when I was looking our of the plane window and saw the wonderful shadow under this lone cloud I snapped it. 

I turned it black and white, duplicated the image and used overlay blending mode and added a texture to produce this lovely image



Miriam said...

Oh Helena this is indeed lovely and well spotted!

Ewa Samples said...

I would call this piece very intriguing!

Currie Silver said...

I am with Ewa, Helena, it is intriguing and simply BEautimous!!
safe travels!!

Elizabeth said...

I've seen cloud shadows on the ground, but never from up in an airplane. Very clever of you to snap the photo just then.

alexa said...

It is indeed just lovely - such depth despite the delicacy of the colours! Are you on your way home?