Friday, April 26, 2013

PhotoArt revisited

No PhotoArt Friday on Pixeldust PhotoArt at the moment as Bonnie takes a well deserved break.  Faced with no link up deadline and no suggested theme, I didn’t create anything last week.  so this week I decided to set myself a theme because I find that easier.  I went back to the first items I created for PhotoArt Friday and revisited the approach.

My first item was to create an abstract piece using 4 photos

paf 1

I used the same format and chose 3 photos from my recent trip to South Sudan and created what I think looks like a grouping of bejewelled eggs using different blending modes and the find edges filter


Then I used 3 photos from my garden and walks – I think it looks like a modern stained glass window


I liked the pattern here so I added some filters and created a tryptic which I think I’ll print to put on my wall


So glad I thought of a way to set my own challenges while Bonnie has a rest.

Do you prefer to have a theme when sitting down to create?


Gail said...

I really like that stained glass look one and the tryptic. Good for you setting your own challenge.

alexa said...

Your tryptich is stunning - I love that far right one the most but would happily have this asa poster it is going to look lovely on a wall - you really ought to go into production!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love the stained glass effect!

Miriam said...

These are gorgeous Helena. I like to have a theme for digital art, I find it gives me focus. I made some art last week (missing Bonnie) but had computer troubles so I am so behind. I like your idea of re-visiting a past prompt. And yes, the stained glass is stunning.