Friday, April 5, 2013

PhotoArt Friday creates timetravel

As soon as I read Bonnie’s challenge for this week ‘collage’ I was transported back to my Art class at around the age of 12 or 13 when we created a large collage, using fabrics and other media, from an image that we had drawn – mine was a large elephant. 

So I went with that idea and rather than draw an image I googled free colouring in pictures and chose one that had lots of distinct shapes that I could ‘cut out’ and fill.  I used a range of texturally interesting  photos that I had collected a couple of years ago for a class.  Much easier than my school experience but the process of cutting out the patters for each stage was still frustratingly dull.


The cat is covered if 2 images of carpet; the flower pot is the sea.  I added a bevel effect to some layers for variety.  It does remind me of the elephant collage and was a fun process

I then decided to play with using a simple shape and filling with some photos – I used images I’d taken of the spring flowers in my garden to fill a bunch of heart shaped balloons – another fun image


looking forward to seeing how others approach the idea of a collage in PhotoArt Friday


Miriam said...

These are so creative Helena, I love them both but the first one is so intriguing, so much to look for, you had fun I think?

alexa said...

Really clever! Tough the dull bit does not sound so much fun. I like your trees too.

Sian said...

You have taken me right back too with this very clever effect. I can remember when I was that age my Mum made a series of fabric and paper collages to illustrate teaching projects. They had just that look.

I hope you had a great Easter and some Easter treats came your way!

Bonnie said...

So creative and clever!!! Thank you for sharing your editing process. We'll be waiting for the full tutorial!

Sandie said...

Sounds fun! Love how you used so many different effects.

Maria Ontiveros said...

That's amazing! Your skills have gotten so good! I wish I could sit with you for a weekend and learn how to do some of what you do.

Alison said...

You really ARE very creative, Helena!...I love what you've done here
Alison xx

Currie Silver said...

this is wondrous, Helena!! I think you are so clever and I love how intricate and BEautimous your collages are.

as for the dullness of cutting, I used to tear my papers, but when I BEgan a series of under the sea paintings, I did something similar to this. I made up stencil shapes of various fish, an octopus, a seahorse, and seals and drew them on the backs of papers I'd made for collaging then cut them out. it was so interesting to see how they looked.

I also have to say that while the cutting was first trying my patience, after awhile I found it very soothing.

anyway... I love what you have done and how brilliantly your mind worked it all out!!

Ewa Samples said...

Love the hearts!!! So fun!

Ida said...

Well these are creative, fun and quite interesting. I love the colorful heart balloons and was fascinated by the 1st piece with the cat.

Gail said...

Oh have you ever brought back memories. They both look great and the cat is so intriguing but I love those heart balloons.