Friday, March 29, 2013

PhotoArt Friday graffiti for Easter

I had Bonnie’s suggestion of creating photoart graffiti in the back of my mind when I was wandering around an Easter display in Covent Garden in icy wind and occasional light snow.  I snapped this lovely image of giant daffodils while wondering when spring weather would arrive around here.


and slowly an idea for my graffiti creation took form.  Back home I created this using the selection tools, artistic filters and the bored schoolboy font


Still waiting for some nice weather but glad to make the statement. 

and a version with Bonnie’s latest lovely texture gift as the background (I do love the magic eraser tool that enabled me to easily remove the white from the flattened image)


Looking forward to seeing the graffiti others present.


Alison said...

Love what you did with this, Helena!...hope it's not so cold this weekend
Alison xx

Elizabeth said...

I really like your graffiti, and am also wondering where the heck spring is!

Currie Silver said...

well it seems spring has made a return appearance here in South Florida after a week of 40's at night and in the early mornings to a roaring high of 60-ish something by afternoon. today it warmed up into the 70's straightaway mid-morning...
it seems odd that "spring break" is this week and our weather has been almost as cold as up north.
anyway, I love your graffiti and how you did it yourself. so clever!!

Ida said...

Wow! What a wonderful piece you've created here. Those Giant Daffodils are pretty cool.

Miriam said...

Oh I love this Helena. I never thought of using a graffiti type of font! thanks, Im going to play again.

alexa said...

That's such a bright, happy vision on my screen! And all kudos to you not just for the creating of it, but for being alert enough in that chilly situation to spot something inspiring and let it speak to you :).