Monday, March 15, 2010

photos from above

on my various flights over New Zealand last week I encountered clear skies and had a window seat.  Managed to take several good photos showing some of the variety in landscape.  I like to take photos out of the window of most forms of transport and find that if I click a lot some of them will come out well. 

nz from the air web

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Maggie B said...

Great mosaic, I really enjoy seeing the different subjects MM participants use in their mosaics.
Come back to Normandy again for more Irish themed posts.

Elizabeth said...

The blue water is beautiful!

32˙North said...

It's great to see such wide open spaces! Thanks for sharing!


humel said...

Lovely shots :-) Gosh, there's some gorgeous landscape there!

GardenofDaisies said...

Fun! I love looking out airplane windows and seeing the ground below, like a big patchwork quilt.

Liberty :) said...

wow such fabulous pictures helena!

Mary said...

How wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful landscapes at MM. :)