Sunday, March 7, 2010

Photo a day week 9

getting to be more of a ‘thing to remember to do’ on some days, but still enjoying the exercise.

photo a day9

1. (Friday) went to the art exhibition (the one which I didn’t go to the week before because the queue was too long).  Loved the use of colour from Monet, Van Gogh et al

2. did my supermarket shopping with my trusty shoppin bag on wheels – 3 blocks to walk with it

3. LUSH soap smells and looks wonderful – and it keeps me clean

4. One of my twice daily surfing sessions

5. The pens on my office desk

6. My fruit bowl (all grown in Australia)

7. On my walk to work there was a flock of galahs eating seed on the lawn

1 comment:

humel said...

Maybe it's just that stage of the year - the novelty has started to wear off? I've found that a couple of times the last week or so I've had to remind myself to take a photo!

Great selection here, as always x