Sunday, March 14, 2010

photo a day week 10

photo a day10
1 (Friday) it rained a lot so I saw the inside of my spotty umbrella a lot
2 Waiting at gate 37 at Sydney airport to fly to New Zealand
3  Walk on Lyall Bay in Wellington
4 Played on magnetic word wall in civic square
5 View of Wellington harbour from the air
6 Played RISK – didn’t take over the world this time
7 Went on a walking tour as part of Heritage Week
RISK has been my favourite board game since I was a teenager, do you have a board game you enjoy?
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humel said...

lol - I was looking at each pic thinking 'Hmm, is that an umbrella? Oh, that looks like Risk!' etc, then scrolled down to see that you'd posted the captions.... Looks like you're having an amazing time (despite the rain) x