Friday, March 12, 2010

words are my favourite embellishment

words tile blue back 

Letters, numbers and other characters like ? or {} or & are my favourite way to add some decoration or emphasis to a page.  I have a set of alphabet punches and of stamps, I have stencil sets and rubons and stickers>  I also love to create titles and other word decorations using word and the vast array of fonts that are available online.

So when I saw the textuality class advertised on Big Picture Scrapbook I had to sign up.  The 4 week class will look at how you present words, so is not about ways of deciding what to put into journaling. 

I was so inspired by the idea of the class that today my playing session of PSE resulted in the above tile which uses a quote from the Bee Gees song words (although I must confess that I prefer the Boyzown version.  While finding these on YouTube I was reminded of the time that they sang it together which still sends shivers up my spine)

Anyway I made the tile using the fonts Bradley Hand and Papyrus and saved as a jpeg to use here.  Then I made some in different colours which I’ve included below – if you like them please take a copy and make use of them.

words tile blue and red words tile no back words tile yellow back

comment tile


humel said...

Oh, these are *fab*! I love that song, it sends shivers down my spine too... Thanks for the images x

Elizabeth said...

I think your word art is beautiful!