Monday, December 28, 2009

time for some craft projects?

when wandering in blogland one of the things I can’t resist is a free printable, especially templates.  I have saved lots but not used many.  Here are some of the free templates for projects from the internet that I have bookmarked recently.  Hope to get to some over the next week.

template for paper fortune cookies look fun for a New Year dinner.

Russian nesting doll card because my Mum likes nesting dolls.

free templates for lots of lovely things including cute gift boxes and a handy holder for small post-its in a matchbook cover

a tiny folder template – just like office ones but smaller.  Not sure what I’d use it for at the moment but it does look so cute I need to make one.

And because I prefer blogs with a photo here is one I prepared earlier

thames colour (1)

comment tile


Deb said...

Thanks for the fun links, Helena! I really want to make some of those fortune cookies. :o)

{melissa} said...

Thank you for the tips about the BPS classes, Helena. I took one class with Cathy and loved it! I am considering you advice, thanks so much for offering it.