Monday, December 14, 2009

decorations from the garden

g decs 1
Doesn’t this make your fingers twitch to get in there and make things?  On Sunday I joined in at a Christmas decorations from the garden workshop run by my parents’ organic gardeners group.  People brought along ribbon, candles and other craft things and masses of greenery from their gardens.
g decs 2
Then we all just played with what was there and made a variety of decorations.  Wreaths were popular.  We added colour using giftwrap ribbon, wool and candles.  It was a lot of fun and everyone went home with at least one creation to festoon their walls and tables.
We have always used greenery from the garden as the  basis for decorating the house at Christmas.  What do you use from the garden?

garden decs

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sm3wkl said...

What a wonderful idea! The wreaths look beautiful.

Lizzie said...

Before I was married, I used to go to the market on a Wednesday morning. The Women's Institute had a stall there and at the start of December they would sell Christmas greenery. You had to get there really early, but I only lived round the corner, so no problem. I would come home with a large bundle of greenery and have a great time laying it in the fireplace (dining room, disused), along the mantelpieces (dining and sitting rooms) and round mirrors etc. I even made the odd wreath or table decoration.
I do like to have greenery in the house at Christmas, though since there have been small folks around, it has been of the artificial, non-toxic, un-prickly kind. At least I can pack that away and re-use it next year!
Your wreaths looked great. Fresh, green and very Christmassy.

Deb said...

I love the wreaths you made!!! So pretty.

Also wanted to let you know that your package with your chalk blocks was mailed today! I had hoped to get it sent last week but I've been fighting a bad cold so I'm a little delayed. I have no idea how long it will take for your package to go from Arizona, USA to UK -- you'll have to let me know when it arrives and how you like it. :o)