Wednesday, December 16, 2009

personalised gift tags

12th (4)

while wandering blogland over recent weeks I picked up the idea of using photos on gift tags – sorry I can’t remember which blog. 

I liked the idea of using a photo of the person on each tag instead of their name so I made some to use for the family.



gift tag background

I took some close up photos of some golden christmas trees and used bits to create a collage of squares.  Then I found face photos and turned each sepia and warm so that they matched the feel fo the background.  Then I placed a photo on each square of the background, printed and cut them out.

All manipulation was done with picasa.



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Maria Ontiveros said...

Nice idea! Hadn't seen it before, but will definitely put it in my idea hopper.

Heather said...

Brilliant idea! Will have to remember that for next year as I have finished most of my wrapping!