Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Picasa tips 2

text on collage

I use the text option in picasa a lot. I probably use text most on collages.  Once the collage has been created you can do anything to the collage that you can do to a single photo, including adding text. 

I love that it can access all of the fonts that are loaded onto my computer.  [Adding new fonts is easy – there are lots of free ones available, just google free fonts and if you don’t know how to add fonts to your computer you will get tutorials if you google that too (it varies by system so its no use me telling you how I do it on my computer.] Font on the next one is called happy.

text on 2

Another aspect that I really like is the colour picker, especially that you can use the eyedropper to pick a colour from the photo.

text on 3


comment tile

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The Scrappy Tree said...

Brilliant idea! I need to go find out more :)