Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ottawa in the golden hour

On Saturday I was wandering town and happened to be in a park overlooking the river in the glorious golden hour of light before it gets dark (ie 4 o’clock at the moment)

I captured two of the items on my photo list


the varied skylines of Ottawa – all 3 taken from the park.  The top one shows the silhouette of the parliament building and the other 2 look over the river into Quebec

I also captured 2 lovely images of locals relaxing


overlooking the river as the sun went down was a popular spot for individuals and groups

and I spotted a pair canoeing on the river


a beautiful park in the middle of town captured in fabulous light at the end of a sunny day – perfect weekend tourist treat


alexa said...

Those last two in particular as so atmospheric ... Glad you are getting out and about as well as working.

Miriam said...

So many beautiful pictures Helena. The sky lines have brought back memories for me x I love the last picture. Hope all is going well for you, the city is lovely isn't it?

Prairie Jill said...

Beautiful shots! The late-afternoon light is wonderful, isn't it, even thought it does come awfully early this far north.

Starnitesky said...

A perfect time for taking photos, I like the golden glow.