Monday, November 4, 2013

October counts

Sharing my high and low for October for Julie’s communal count – temperatures that is !!

Thanks to the Accu Weather site I could find out the temperature range for the month without having to record them all.  Feeling in need of some play in PSE and a kind of graph to show the range


both the high and low are outside historic averages.  Bracing myself for colder weather for 2 weeks next month when I’m in Ottawa.

The other communal count suggested by Julie did involve a running tally of the number of things delivered by the postman which were addressed to me – 17, including 5 magazine subscriptions (1 weekly and 1 monthly). 

Thanks for the prompts Julie.


alexa said...

That s a very elegant way of presenting the numbers for October, Helena. And a big range - gosh, Ottawa sounds interesting. Are you going to be focussing on photographing anything in particular this trip?

Julie Kirk said...

It was a strange month weather-wise wasn't it? 20-ish was probably our high too. Which, alongside the blue sky and sunshine it brought was a very welcome addition to Autumn for me!

I noticed it was zero out there today though when I went into my garden - things are certainly more wintry now!

You're on the board now:

Happy November - I'll look forward to the usual fascinating stats from when you go globe-trotting!

Julie :-)

Miriam said...

A lovely way to present your temperatures! I think it will be a wee bit cooler in Ottawa next month. It is a beautiful city.

Nathalie said...

Oooh, I always like a graph and this is a cool way to participate in the Communal count :) Enjoy your trip to Ottawa :)

Anonymous said...

I really like how you've shown them. I hope Ottawa wasn't too chilly for you and you managed to see some of our nation's capital.