Tuesday, November 26, 2013

celebrating selfies

Did you know that Oxford Dictionaries choose a word to represent each year and they have just announced that the word for this year is ‘selfie’.


So I had to take and post one.  Why not join me – pick up your camera / phone; find a window with daylight (no passing the hairbrush or lippie on the way); rest your hand with the camera on the window at arms length; look at the lens, say ‘hello blogfriends’ and press the button; then post.


Sian said...

..and hello to you too! I was talking to my Mum on the phone recently and she used the word "selfie" and then laughed at herself and her "keeping up with the times"

Jimjams said...

LOL - I heard that on R4 the other day and had to laugh. We tried to take a few on out recent just-us holiday - maybe our arms are to short but they were rubbish!

Alison said...

Yes, I had heard that too???and I reckon Jemma's right about the short arms!!
Alison xx

Anonymous said...

I heard that too. I'm terrible at taking them, guess I need some practice. :) That's a good one of you.

Miriam said...

Oh! I love it Helena. I take a selfie every month for my 365 project but never post it. I will, this week, on Friday :)
are you home?

Maria Ontiveros said...

My daughter takes enough selfies for the two of us! LOL!