Friday, November 15, 2013

Ottawa delights

I’m enjoying my time in Ottawa (despite some really cold days).  I’m using the same photo list that I used in Bangkok and sharing some of my early captures today. You can see my Bangkok finds here.

My hotel room if on the 9th floor (top brick floor below all the white) so I can look out over plenty of city centre bustle  and the bed is massive !!


My first day in town was the 11th so all the provincial and national flag were at half mast for the remembrance day events


My local food area is the Byward Market with plenty of market stalls, food shops and cafes and I’ve been enjoying plenty of local fare – savoury


and sweet (bottom right is the famed beavertail – like a long flat donut with sugar and cinnamon).  Those decorated cookies look delightful and I’m planning to take some home


Another thing that I really enjoy in Ottawa is the abundance of public sculpture.  I was delighted to come across this grouping


which commemorates a landmark event for women’s political rights when in 1929 the court determined that women are persons (in legal terms) and so could be appointed to the Senate !!!

I loved all the details in the sculptures and couldn’t resist sitting on that seat and using the timer on my camera (why elee is that stone block sitting exactly opposite the chair at the right height for a photo?)


I’m aiming to find more of the items on the list over the weekend and will share more next week – plus shots from the game I’m going to this evening – Senators vs Bruins


Ginger said...

Welcome to our nations capital Helena :) I will enjoy seeing your view! Love the photo of you sitting and you're right,it is the perfect angle. I'm not sure how long you will be here, but Montreal would be a nice day trip (or longer depending on how much time you have).

Miriam said...

The sculptures are wonderful! and the food looks scrummy...

Alison said...

Those sculptures are fab!...enjoy your time in Ottowa!
Alison xx

Melissa said...

Great photos - I think I'd like to stroll through the Byward Market! :>)

Amy said...

I always enjoy your travel posts Helena - these are no exception!

alexa said...

Those biscuits are indeed beautifully decorated ... And it is always a delight when you areaway because you bring us the world :). Thank you!

Prairie Jill said...

Oh, I'm so glad you tried beavertails! They are sooo good!

Love seeing the photos of Ottawa. It's such a great city.