Monday, November 18, 2013

let’s go to the game

I’m in Canada in November so ‘the game’ is ice-hockey and I went all for this all Canadian experience on Friday evening.


lots of people taking their photo outside the stadium.

Inside, buy beer and hotdog then up to our seats – centre section up high


a great view of the ice and the TV screen and all the activity in the aisles with cheerleaders and mascots

The teams and officals took to the ice for the singing of national anthems – USA and Canada.  This was new to me as I’m used to anthems only when the national teams are playing


Then the action began Boston Bruins playing the locals – Ottawa Senators


fast action, amazing skill, plenty of noise from the crowd


periodic scraping of the ice to improve the playing surface


after 20 minutes of play (which takes longer due to stoppages) we had a 20 minute break and then on to more fast and furious play


another interval and a 3rd period of play and the Senators unexpectedly won.

A fun evening with plenty to watch on and off the ice.  I always enjoy being part of a large crowd at an event and experiencing a popular past time in another country.  I understand why people are big fans and attend each week.  Hope you enjoyed it too


Sian said...

It's so fast and furious! Great fun.

Miriam said...

Brilliant pictures, it looks fun, and what an enormous crowd!

alexa said...

Wow. you have taken some great action shots from your vantage point! Looks like a very festive occasion.

Prairie Jill said...

Oh, I'm so glad you experienced - and enjoyed - our national game! I love hockey (except for the fighting, which I think is barbaric). It's such a fast-moving, exciting game. You got some great shots.

Go Jets! (That's my Winnipeg Jets, of course!)