Friday, June 14, 2013

PhotoArt Friday is back–dreamily

Bonnie has opened her gallery again after a well deserved break.  Her first challenge was to create a digital photoart piece on the theme of dreamy or ethereal.

These words evoked ideas of things that you can only just see and I created two very different pieces, on different occasions.

First some barely there flowers, seen through glass – I love the soft colours


and then, a few days later I captured a wonderful sunset, in itself a fleeting wonder, and decided to use it for another ethereal piece, using the chalkboard techniques which are so popular in digi scrapping circles at the moment


Lovely to be back in Bonnie’s gallery and looking forward to seeing what others have produced.


Miriam said...

These are so beautiful Helena. I am really struggling with this prompt! I have a few pieces but none 'quite right'

Bonnie said...

Oh my - what a dreamy, digital editor you are Helena!! Love both of these pieces, but there is something about the second that I find really captivating.

Currie Silver said...

so gorgeous, Helena, and that sunset is exquisite!!

Ida said...

Oh both of these are just wonderful. I'm not sure which I like the best. The subtle flowers are quite dreamy. The 2nd piece is so calming and peaceful. Well done.

Mariane (from Denmark) said...

Two wonderful images - I love the Blue one - Superb work!!! - Have a great weekend

alexa said...

You are a bit of a whizz at this ... My favourite, only just, is the seascape but they both have an other worldly feel. I enjoy seeing what you create very much.

alexa said...

PS Is there a way of emailing you, Helena? I've just got a link to a free e-book on crochet that I wanted to let you have but it's a bit long to paste in here!

Alison said...

I agree with ARE a whizz at this!
Alison xx