Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Light and shade on the beach

Last week the air was warmer but it was still overcast which meant that there was some interesting light on the beach and with the tide at its low point I was seeing fabulous silhouette figures walking on the water edge against the sea and sky.

I put some together in a collage
I’m really liking long narrow images at the moment – and I love the ‘dog alone’ image (which I created by carefully cropping out the dogwalker).


Miriam said...

These are really gorgeous Helena. I love the birds in the first one. The 'dog alone' is great, I would have cropped out the walker too ;)

Sian said...

You know, years ago I bought some expensive seascape postcards - long and thin like this - in a shop in Ayr. I bet if you printed this up you could easily sell them!

Anonymous said...

They all look great Helene, but my favourite is the dog alone one.