Monday, June 10, 2013

creating blooms

I’ve been re-excited by crochet recently and have been enjoying handling cotton yarns, playing with colours and crafting away from my computer.


One of the things I’ve been playing with is flowers and my stash of cotton yarns.  I’ve added a safetypin to the back of one and pinned it to my ‘summer jacket’ (oh so needed in UK but I know a mystery to those of you living in warmer climes).


I’ve played with 3 variants on the original pattern – so easy to play as each takes minutes to make. 

But totally addictive and now I have more flowers than I know what to do with.  Yes they all look lovely sitting in a bowl but I’m sure they could be better used out in the world.

So, if you would like one of these please say so in the comments, I’ll even sew on a safetypin if you want.


Sian said...

I'm feeling the need to do something a bit different these days too. More needlework and less sticking! Your flowers are lovely...those heathery Scottish colours really have your heart, don't they?

Miriam said...

Oooh how I would love one of your flowers...Can I send you one of mine? what a great idea.

Melissa said...

These are so cute - I think I'd enjoy adding a few to a scrapbook page myself. While we NEVER need a jacket outdoors here in Texas this time of year, I always have one with me because the air conditioning is so cold anytime we take in a movie or go out to eat!

Diana Evans said...

oh what fun are your flowers!!!! love these!!!!

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Oh these are so pretty, Helena! I have some of these that I made a couple of years ago that I still haven't found a use for, but I love the idea of sewing a safety pin to the back. So cute!

Maria Ontiveros said...

I'd love one!
a safety pin would be great (if you had green and yellow, that would be perfect but any color would be appreciated)

alexa said...

I always envy those who get on with crochet as you have done so beautifully. They would look great on a felt beret ...