Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Look up look down in the park

The practice of looking up and looking down with my camera feels routine and comfortable at the moment.  I am aware of looking up more often and thinking about interesting items to snap against the sky.

This week my pair were taken on a walk in the park on a rare sunny afternoon – enough sun for shadows even!


I’m enjoying seeing this meme pop up on other blogs – Alison, Amy, Elizabeth, Miriam and Rinda.  If I’ve missed anyone please leave me a comment and I’ll add the next time I do a blogroll.

I have created a blog button (in my left bar) if you are joining in and want to have the button.


Sian said...

A very welcome glimpse of sunshine through the trees!

Elizabeth said...

I'm out for my walk soon and will remember to slip my camera into a pocket. Hopefully, I'll get some good photos today!

Miriam said...

Oh that gorgeous sky! x marks the spot? Looking up and down is such fun Helena. Thank you

Amy said...

I am loving thinking of places and scenes that tell a little story - such a wonderful idea Helena!

Alison said...

Like the others,I'm enjoying thinking of different places to take my pics...just about to post mine now!
Alison xx

Maria Ontiveros said...

I see an "x" in the trees, as well as on the ground!
Really cool.