Monday, February 4, 2013

January’s tally

At the end of each month I enjoy creating a numerical summary, inspired by Julie and all who participate in her month in numbers meme.

This month I chose a few odd items to record and kept a tally during the month, to supplement the items where I can create a count at the end. I hope to do this each month with different items.



Julie Kirk said...

Hi Helena & a happy new year!

Welcome to year 2 of your Months in numbers - lovely to have you aboard once again.

I say this all the time - to lots of other M in N bloggers - but it doesn't make it any less true ... I *love* the way people add their own spin on the recording and presenting of their statistics! Your idea to decide beforehand and keep a tally is great.

Also your bus numbers made me think I ought to have mentioned in my numbers '64' = the easiest bus I used to be able get to/from work has changed route and is no longer easy!

Funny how just thinking of a number tells a much bigger tale!

I've added your post to the board now Helena:

Happy February to you!

Julie :-)

Elizabeth said...

Like the design of your summary. Looks great!

Alison said...

I too like the design ...well done on sorting through these boxes!
Alison xx

Tamara said...

It looks like a great month for you. Great organising too by the look of it.

Sian said...

It does look great! One of these days I'll try Haggis. Maybe :)

Louise said...

oooh i love how you've recorded your numbers!

Miriam said...

This is great Helena, What a momouth sort out you had, well done.

Ginger said...

Hi Helena! I love that you recorded how many apps you downloaded, I might have to steal that idea :)

Melissa Stebbins said...

That is such a good idea to decide in advance to count particular things.