Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Look up look down in Dundee

I was in Dundee at the weekend to celebrate my nephew’s 21st birthday (more photos later)

I enjoyed the street sculpture around the city centre and used them for my look up, look down this week. The feet in the down image are sculptures of three cartoon characters from the Dandy comic which is produced in Dundee.



Sian said...

Yes, I'm still loving the frames! They make me want to look closer..

Elizabeth said...

Love your up and down photos this week. Sadly, I still haven't ventured out to take mine. It's too darn cold! Soon though.

Alison said...

What a grey sky!!..just off to post mine
Alison xx

Kris @ beyond the whiskers said...

Neat sculptures! I'd love to see these pictures in black and white with strong contrast.

alexa said...

Oooh, that a cool thing to shoot... The strong shapes and monochrome are great together.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love the similar colors and the repetition of the shapes in these!