Friday, February 22, 2013

Following my muse

For PhotoArt Friday this week I intended to follow Bonnie’s prompt of ‘connect’ but then I came across this sight on my walk


and had to follow the ideas that immediately sparked on ways to use the reflection of the abandoned bike.

For once the pixel magic ideas that I had while continuing my walk actually worked once I was back at my computer.  I’d taken several photos from different angles and combined them then added Bonnie’s starburst texture and I adore the results.  I saved three using different blending modes – which do you like the best?



colour burn blending mode


luminous blending mode


difference blending mode

looking forward to seeing the connections others have made this week.


Stephanie said...

hard to say which I like best but I think I like the first one with the sparkly focus in the middle. Nice ideas for processing.

Annemor said...

I cant' decide, but maybe the first one?
Have anice day.

foxysue said...

Nice work, sometimes you just have to go with your own flow!

Ewa Samples said...

I like the first one the best!

Maria Ontiveros said...

i love the clouds reflected in the sound. Those other three are really works of art!

The Artful Diva said...

wow, wow, wow - one for each version. I think it's fantastic what you created with your original photo. Is that an old bicycle tire?

Ida said...

Your original photo is really lovely when enlarged.
How fun and creative.
My favorite is the first one but I also like the last one a lot as well.

Alison said...

It's a toss up between the first and the third for me, Helena!
Alison xx said...

awe -- all the images are ideal for this challenge..I would have pass this by and not thought of taking a photo of it.. Great job!!

louciao said...

Well, what a nice place you have to go walking, and what a great find! No wonder you were inspired to play with that image. The results are all visually intriguing--one wouldn't have a clue what the original image might be. My favourite is the first one because the richness of the colours emphasizes the starburst effect.

Kris @ beyond the whiskers said...

I love when you can see something in your head and then make it a reality…congrats! Last one if my favorite because I love the impact the deep the blue hues have on the beams. Great job.

Currie Silver said...

I am with Ida about your original photograph. It is rich and overflowing with stunning possibilities.

I love each of the 3 versions you've created, and I, too, would LOVE to play with them as you have.

That is what is such fun about digital fiddling. There is no limit to the wonder.

BEautimous, Helena, just lovely!!

Andrea Dawn said...

Great job producing what you had envisioned. My favourite is the first edit. Just gorgeous!

Miriam said...

How many times do you think I could get away with saying Beautiful, fabulous and so creative?
Well it's that many and I can't choose a favourite.xx

alexa said...

How visually arresting are these! My own favourite is the top one, just for the richness of colour. You have a talent for paying attention and spotting something many of us would have missed. :)