Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summertime photo scavenger hunt–come walk with me

When I was in the centre of town last week to visit the labyrinth I chose my route so that I could capture some of the other items on Rinda’s photo scavenger hunt list.  Come walk with me, first past the central library in a wonderful old building


then along the road to find a nice view of the castle which is an historic landmark


which I took standing at the top of a staircase


although it is easier to see looking up from the bottom


and luckily at the bottom was a man playing several musical instruments


and I could also her the distinctive skirl of the bagpipes and spotted this man


then walking on the bridge over the rail tracks I captured 2 trains in the station


I knew I’d be able to capture a building of worship on my walk and the first that I came across was the city mosque


So that was a satisfying 7 items (including he labyrinth) on one walk. 


alexa said...

Brilliant! Love the photos of the stairs going up and the musicians especially. You are well ahead ...

Alison said...

You DID do well Helena..great pics!
Alison xx

Elizabeth said...

You certainly had a busy day. The photos are wonderful and I enjoyed seeing the one-man band. He must get tired carrying all those instruments!

Melissa said...

Oh my, what a fantastic walk!! I'm off to hunt for photos today - hope I have as much luck & take as great a photos as you have here!

Sandie said...

Brilliant - I so love it when things come together. I only have a clothes line so far, I need to plan a walk like yours for others on the list!

Ginger said...

oh I love your photos Helena :) That is one very long staircase!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Great bunch of photos! Love the staircase ones

Maria Ontiveros said...

Awesome job!!! I love the bag pipes and one man band - so funny. The stair case from the bottom has lovely perspective and the mosque is just beautiful. You may be the first to post a train picture, I think. Very cool. Looking forward to more finds,