Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More scavenger hunting


I’m continuing to keep my eyes open for items on  Rinda’s summertime photo scavenger hunt list and have a few more to share.


The fountain was in a big garden centre


and I finally managed to capture a photo of a person with a ball on a walk on the beach – many previous attempts miss the ball or the person.  I’m pleased with my cropping on this one.

I’m going to display all of the photos in a double page spread inside my Project Life album.  I have the list and a header and then I’m adding a pennant with a number to each photo.  Each item has a 3 x 4 space – here are 4 I’ve already printed

rinda 2

rinda 3




And finally, I’m passing the book to Alison (after flipping a coin) – I have your address and will get it in the post at the weekend.


Elizabeth said...

I love the fountain! It is so interesting. The stairs are also totally different from anything I've seen around here! I still haven't found a person playing with a ball yet, but will continue to look.

Sian said...

Yes, I love your cropping on this one. Not only does it look brilliant, but it also helps with the whole privacy issue. I might end up getting family to pose for the people shots because I don't want to post pictures of people I don't know. This is a great way to do it

Amy said...

Your shots are fabulous Helena! I love the dog and ball - very clever cropping indeed!

Melissa said...

Great job with the playing with the ball photo! Great idea how you are adding them to your Project Life album!

Maria Ontiveros said...

This may be my favorite "playing with a ball" photo so far! I've got some cool street photography ones for that find to post soon.

Alison said...

Glad the coin flipped my way--thanks! Very clever cropping indeed
Alison xx

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Love both your photos!