Wednesday, July 11, 2012

and then it rained some more

we’ve had a lot of rain in the UK over the last few weeks – both heavy rain and many days of rain.  At the weekend the water levels in my local river rose above the banks and covered the park where I normally walk.  I was talking to a neighbour who has lived here for years who said that she couldn’t remember the water coming up so high and then as she went on her way she laughed and said ‘all we can do is grumble’.  I immediately thought that would make an excellent title for a layout with photos of the over flowing river.


In the big photo – that tree is usually surrounded by grass and those black things sticking out of the water are the tall plants in the flower beds.


And I decided to use the photo with the bright coloured barrier as my take on ‘border’ in Rinda’s Summertime Photo Scavenger hunt – it shows an artificial border erected to stop the water; the border of leaves showing the high watermark and the border between water and grass


and this is what it usually looks like – the water really did rise above its normal position


it seems from news reports that unseasonal weather is common at the moment – are you experiencing it at the moment?


Elizabeth said...

My goodness, I think you've had enough rain! Here in Pennsylvania, we could use a bit of that rain. My poor flowers are wilting in the heat without some rain.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Nice border :)
I wonder if any Olympic events will be rained out?

Alison said...

If anything, we've had unseasonably HOT the title of your page!
Alison xx

Melissa said...

We are experiencing lots of HOT HOT HOT weather, somewhat hotter earlier this year, but since it's always hot in the summer in Texas I don't know if I would call it unseasonal.

Ginger said...

We are now officially in a heat wave, and it is not very common here. I actually enjoy the hot weather, but then I have air conditioning! Iour think there is lots of areas experiencing unusual weather! I love the title of your layout :)

Sian said...

Oh, yes! We were briefly in your part of the country last week and we could hardly see our hand in fron of our face! I hope this week has offered a bit of respite.