Friday, August 26, 2011

Summertime Scavenger Hunt–instalment 9

Two more items from the list


an artist outside of the house – as part of the Fringe Festival activity


a handwritten sign listing the items for sale at my favourite cafe.

4 items still to get and filling them will be pure chance.



And I took the photo of myself to add as the big photo in the collage, and also the title. 

Rinda – note I put the year on in the anticipation that you will repeat this exercise next year.  And how about a winter version??


Sian said...

Yes, my kids have been asking about next year already! Helena, you must have nearly a full house. the whole list?

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

My friend, you are just too clever. I've loved your photo collage for this challenge from the start, and your sweet self there as the focal point with the title held in your hands is oh so clever. Perfect!

Alison said...

You have done really well, Helena.....keep looking- you just never know what's around the next corner!
Alison xx

Miriam said...

Yes I was thinking the same! I love how yours is coming along Helena. I am hoping to find my pirate and my painter next weekend at a waterfront festival...

Maria Ontiveros said...

Very cool! There are several people getting close! I"ll definitely run this again next summer. . . will consider a New Year's scavenger hunt, too (maybe a pared down shorter version).

Ginger said...

Great Job Helena!! I'm happy to hear she will have it for the New Year as well!!