Thursday, August 4, 2011

I’ve become an abstract artist

with my camera !!  Went for a walk on the beach after ice-cream yesterday evening when the light was doing that amazing thing it does at dusk and the sky looked so big and the sea was smooth and the vista was shades of grey and blue. 
These are the kind of abstract work I’d like to paint.
I didn’t do anything to them digitally (for a change).
I must remember to walk in the evening more often to make use of the amazing light


Sandie said...

I love sea scapes, Helena. The arc of the cloud in the bottom photo draws you right in. I am facsinated by clouds and am a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society.
I am also reminded sometimes that I should do things more.

Sandra said...

Sometimes the natural beauty of nature needs no touching up :)

Ginger said...

I do not live near the sea, but I have to say it these photos look breathtaking! A lighting I wish I could capture is about 2 am, sitting in our backyard and looking up at our 40+ year old spruce trees... they look so majestic in that light with the moon shining down on them. Hope your day is going well :)

shirley said...

Yup, I love that evening and morning light. You are so lucky to live near the beach!
Thanks for the comments on my blog - I'm enjoying yours!

Miriam said...

These are absolutely wonderful Helena. During my break I have been playing in photoshop with some beach photos I have, making them the sort of thing I would love to be able to paint. Hope to post them soon. I wish I could get to the beach early in the morning, as you say, the light is just wonderful then.