Friday, May 27, 2011

so much rain recently, but …


journaling reads

It starts to rain on my walk – do I run for cover?  NO, I take photos of raindrops on the river

On a tropical holiday it rains all day – do I complain?  NO, I see how many ways I can photograph the ran

On my way home from work the rain starts – do I put up my umbrella? – YES but then take photos of the rain on it

We arrive at a scenic lookout but it’s pouring with rain – do I stay in the car? – NO I go to take the photo.

Because – it’s ONLY WET

Layout prompted by the incident in the 1st line of journaling earlier this week, and one of my sister’s regular emphatic statements.  Found the other photos from my photos of the last three years.

Template from Scrapping with Liz – I love her templates because I can use them in a simple, graphic style

Background filled using the eyedropper tool in PSE.  I took the colour for the titles from the photos too with the eyedropper tool.  I use the eyedropper tool to choose a colour more often than I use a created paper or alpha because I like being able to create the repetition using colours from my photos.

Title Font – Edo SZ and I added bevel layer style on the  title – to me it looks like still wet paint

Effect in top left corner – Ray of lights brush by Skeletalmess


Sian said...

Well said! We have definitely needed positive thinking on the weather front round here this week

Elizabeth said...

Love the dimension of the photo frame.

Mel said...

Love this layout, the photos, and the attitude!

My (sickeningly upbeat!) response to rain is 'You can't have a rainbow without the rain...' ;)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photo's of rain drops. I'm one of those who likes rain but not for too many days in a row.

Darla (signing in as anon due to a Blogger glitch)

Alison said...

Great pics Helena...and love your attitude..I'm with you there! I SO love what you're doing with PSE
Alison xx

Carola Bartz said...

Such a gorgeous layout - and I really love the words "it's only wet". Wonderful great play with PSE!