Sunday, May 8, 2011

Photo walk–Leith


The dockland area of Edinburgh has changed a lot since I lived here in the 1980s – it has been cafe-ised and there are lots of new housing and office areas but the docks still function too.  So there was some good variety for our photowalk on Saturday. The rain of last week had cleared so comfortable to walk around and no glaring sun to complicate photos.

The loose theme of the walk was ‘something old, something new’ which I captured in the contrasting buildings.


Here a block from 1970-80s behind the traditional buildings from the 1860-80s.


This time the 19th century buildings in the front are the ‘new’ when compared to the monument on the hill built in 1810.

I took some nice detail shots too of bronze statues around a merchant navy monument


and this one I will caption ‘urban jungle’


It was fun wandering around as a group to take photos of our urban landscape.  Have you been on a group photowalk?


WendyB said...

I love the last shot especially. Its been years since I've been to Edinburgh and in all my visits (always for work) I have never managed to get up to Arthur's Seat, the only time I did the castle was on a ghost tour! Lovely shots.

Ginger said...

I enjoyed your photos! Lovely to see your comparisons :) I have not been on a group photowalk, but would like to do that sometime soon.

Miriam said...

These are lovely, no I've not been on a group walk either but like Ginger I would love to. Thanks for visiting me, you were quick! Just off to work. Glad I found you.

Carletta said...

Wonderful juxtaposition of old and new!
A really nice walk.
I've never been on a photowalk with others but would think it would be great to share ideas and camera tips along the way.

Thanks for your visit. :)

alexa said...

These are lovely and bring back memories for me. This time last year I was there, retracing all the houses our ancestors lived in, and right beside the Water o' Leith was one of them!