Thursday, May 26, 2011

blue means …

Regular readers will know that I love to walk by the sea – strictly speaking this is a tidal river mouth (called a firth in Scotland).  I often use the wooden breakwaters in my photos and this day they were really showing the waves as they broke.  Loved the movement in the foreground.
When  Bella Skye announced her photo competition with the theme of blue I knew I would use one of my photos of the water and this one jumped out at me when I started browsing my recent photos.  Head over to her competition page to see how others have met the challenge.
What would be your first thought for the prompt of blue?


Sian said...

Mmm, probably the blue clothes I have been buying lately after swearing off navy for years.

Best of luck with your lovely blue photo

Lynn said...

Your photograph is beautiful, crisp and clear, love it !!!!

I have been thinking of a lot of blue flowers lately, and hoping for more blue skies :)

Jimjams said...

Beautiful photo - good luck with it!
Blue - my favourite colour, but today it makes me think of tears :(

Bella Skye said...

This is beautiful! Great job! Thanks for entering :)