Saturday, May 14, 2011

Good mail


I’ve been receiving some lovely artwork through the mail recently and I didn’t even need to open the envelope to see it.  One of the things I love about this mail is that I have a good idea of who sent it just from looking at the artwork.

No surprise that the quirky lady above come from the quirky blogger who revealed she used bacon to decorate her son’s birthday cake.  If you are not familiar with Beverley check her out here.

And the vibrant paint effects immediately shouted Rinda at me, plus I recognise the handwriting because she uses it on her fabulous art journaling pages. Check out Rinda’s blog here.


and of course I’ve been sending out decorated envelopes too, and I think they reflect where my art is focussed at the moment – just a hint here.


Thanks to Ginger for organising the exchange of decorated good mail and Sian who prompted it all by choosing the Good Mail Art book for her pass the book series. 

So the next time you send some mail to a friend, why not add some decoration to the envelope – its so much fun for the sender and the receiver.


Sian said...

Every time I see a piece of mail prompted by that book it puts a smile on my face :)

alexa said...

Aren't these wonderful! We are all having a great deal of creative fun!

Melissa said...

Hi Helena - thanks for visiting my blog this weekend! I like your travel album. I kept a spiral notebook in the door pocket of the car last time we took a long road trip and recorded the little things along the way. I hadn't thought about creating an album like this and just using those pages - thanks for the inspiration! And yes - good mail is so much fun!

Ginger said...

Those are some good mail day pieces for sure! Thanks for participating :)

bewitching me said...

Giving the postman a good laugh and all :-)