Friday, May 20, 2011

Amy made me do it


A simple proposition from Amy of Over at Our Place – create a simple, no fuss layout about something from this week – keep it simple and just do it.  What a good idea I thought but did not create the layout.  Then Amy blogged about it again and even admitted to nagging us.  So I opened Photoshop Elements, looked through photos from the week and a collaborative kit that I collected on Scrapbooking day and made a simple page, based on Amy’s template.


[paper and word art from the Design House Digital, Scrapbook Day collaborative kit – these by Gennifer Bursett]

Then I thought, that was easy and fun so I grabbed my camera and the books I am reading and took a photo to create a second page using the same layout.


[papers from the same collab kit – these by Sara Schmutz]

Both of these pages are normal photo size.  I’ve been doing this a lot recently and storing the results in a traditional flip photo album – digi pages simple and cheap.

As well as prompting and nagging, Amy will be sharing all the resulting pages.  You still have time to join in – check out her original post, and be sure to check out the rest of her fabulous, powerful, simple digipages.


Sian said...

Simple and cheap is definitely tempting! But mind you, these aren't so simple that they don't tell a good story in a pleasing way!

Amy said...

Excellent Helena! It is quite catching once you give it a go - I think the trap is that you feel it is too hard and will take too much time, I now find that it is a quicker way to scrap because the story is fresh and that makes for easier journaling - well, for me anyway!
Digi helps too of course :-)

Alison said...

Great LOs...thanks for stopping by my blog!
Alison xx

Miriam said...

I love this LO, I am busy putting a couple of LO's together 'cause like you Amy made me do it!

Miriam said...

Sorry, I mean these Lo's ! Oh, I need a coffee x