Friday, April 8, 2011

March crafting projects



I decided to focus on my crafting projects for my details collection page in The Monthly for March.

From top left, clockwise

Knitting jumpers for a charity helping AIDS orphans in S Africa, thanks to Sian for the link to this charity.

My beading stash was one of the things I took out of storage in February, having packed it away in May 2009.  I was glad to find that I remembered all the techniques when I started using the stuff again.  Top creating a tassel on a large bead for Mother’s Day.  below making necklace and earrings for my sister after we saw one in the shop.

Applying texture to photos in PSE

The flowers are from a digi scrap page that I was playing with

The bunting I made for my Mum’s birthday – 10 meters of blue bunting for the garden.  My sewing machine is another thing that came out of the storage.

I really enjoyed doing a range of crafts in March, especially those that I haven’t done since I packed up all my stuff in 2009.



The paper, tag and the flowers in the digi page are all from the Brighter Days Ahead kit.


furrypig said...

helena you are really multi talented when it comes to crafting! Your photo is gorgeous, I love the bunting and the beadwork is amazing xxx

Sian said...

I've made a start on some hats for the charity too - blogging certainly does have some amazing side effects!

You really can turn your hand to anything Helena :)

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Love the beads!

humel said...

Blogger is really messing me around this evening!! I've read all your posts - I was intrigued by the fruit, and loved your photo effects, as well as admiring all your creative projects - but commenting hasn't been happening for me. Hoping this one works!! xx