Sunday, April 17, 2011

Alphanumeric Blog Hop

Hello, hi. How are you? How was your journey from Heather’s Scraps? 
How many blogs have you visited on your way round Mel’s magnificent blog hop?
Have you got a nice cup of tea to help you on your way?
Having fun?
Honestly,  it’s my heartfelt hope that you are having a hassle free hop. Hearing me loud and clear?

Hard to tell but I’m not the ?  but I have noticed that my letter starts a lot of questions. Helpfully my  letter cropped up all over my house.


Have you got it now?  Hope you have.  Hurrah, now you can head on over to Holaday's Happy Hearts

Hopelessly lost and in need of a helping hand?  Here is the full list of hop hosts.

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Deb's World
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Heather's Scraps
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Holaday's Happy Hearts
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{Life Behind The Purple Door}
Lisa E Design Blog
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Xnomads' Blog


Anonymous said...

Love those clever photographs!

debs14 said...

Such imaginative photos - great post!

Mary B said...

Ha Ha and like all your aitches

furrypig said...

Huge congrats on a happy and h'entertaining post! Hugs xxx

jillconyers said...

Cool shots! Great way to capture H.

humel said...

How clever! Hugely entertaining :-) Hope you've had as much fun putting your post together as I have reading it! xx

Miriam said...

very clever and funny post. Love hit!

Ginger said...

having a happy time visiting your helpful post!

Angelfish said...

Ha ha! Hilarious, happy, hoppy post!
Fiona x

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

OMG! Love all the Hs! Great post!

Sian said...

You have some very clever h's in there Helena. Very nicely illustrated indeed. Happy Hopping!

akilli melek said...

funny photos, love it

Tracy said...

Very clever post, I love the chair idea.

Cheri said...

ha ha - very Happy to have hopped over here!

Beverly said...

High marks on your H post and how happy to hop on to Holaday's Happy Hearts :)

Alison said...

Great H the pics!
Alison xx

Melissa said...

What a happy post and wonderful use of your letter! I'm enjoying the hop - got up early and made it through a little over half of the blogs (I'm not going in order!) and then had to take a few hours off for church & lunch out, so starting again now to visit the rest!

Scrappi Sandi said...

he he he!! Helena...what a happy hop post!! Love you 'h' photo's & hilarity! Sandi :)

Peonies and Pennies said...

Love the photos and a great blog ~c~

Jimjams said...

Ha ha ha how hilarious!!!

Michelle said...

hehehe! Love the way u've done the H's :)

Clair said...

How funny that you got to finish by pointing people onto a blog full of alliterated Hs!

Amy said...

The blog has been a Happy, Hassel-free experience so far ... made all the better by your wonderful post!

Maria Ontiveros said...

My son's name is Henry, so we love the letter "H" here!

Carrie Rosalind said...

Wow - so creative! Love all the H's around your house - I'm sure I will notice some in mine now too!

Margie S said...

Those H's are awesome. Makes me feel inadequate that I couldn't do a better job finding X's around mine!

jo said...

Those photos are brillaint.

Lisa Echerd said...

Great photos for your letter.

Rachel Holaday said...

Excellent! Made me chuckle. Really fun pictures too!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

:o) Love tHe pHotos you Have posted for tHis Hop, Helena! Well done! xo

Denise said...

Hello,I love the way you have done this.It really made me smile :-) Just catching up as I have been away since the hop.