Sunday, August 8, 2010

week 31 – photo a day

really is festival season in Edinburgh – first the local festival and then the start of the big festival season – I expect these will feature again over the next few weeks.  I love the energy in the city while the festivals are on and you never know what you’ll see just wandering around town


photo a day31

1. junior pipe band in local fancy dress parade

2. front of official parade – ‘honest lad’ has the flag

3. bridge to my parents’ house is finally crossable by car after 8 months

4. went to ‘pick your own fruit’ - yum

5. Dad’s garden has abundance for people (apples) and butterflies (stinging nettles)

6. enjoying a warm afternoon at my sister’s with no rain

7. jazz festival concert by Chris Barber band – great toe tapping

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