Saturday, August 21, 2010

photo a day week 33

more birds, more house renovation milestones and some oats

photo a day33

1. all the components for my kitchen, delivered in flatpack boxes

2. porridge (with sugar and cream) from a stall at the Farmers’ market

3. one of the young seagulls I can see from my window [hard to see – bottom left]

4. swans on the river

5. met up with an old Uni friend who was in town

6. clouds over Arthur’s Seat

7. my new wardrobes in place


Sian said...

I do enjoy a big pile of flatpacks! Best of luck with the kitchen build.

Elizabeth said...

The clouds look like they are ready to burst. Looks like you are just about finished getting your flat together with the kitchen components and the wardrobes completed.