Sunday, August 15, 2010

Photo a day week 32

photo a day32

A combination of progress on my flat and visits to the Festivals.

1 – the floor was laid in my bedroom – planks made from bamboo

2 – went for a walk along the firth – amazing light blurred the water, sky and far shore

3- the festival cavalcade involves the bands from the tatoo – amazinghow many different pipe bands there are

4 – an example of the energy and choice at the fringe – a board covered in flyers

5 – my street was full of yellow vehicles as they dug up and then re-surfaced the road

6 – using a hotair gun to strip the old paint from a door – wonderful machines

7 – more fringe, all at one venue which has a mass of different performance spaces as shown on the signpost


Lizzie said...

Wow! What a mix of photos. I thought you must be abroad, when I first saw this montage - all the exotic-looking pictures you have taken!
It looks as if it was a fun week!

Maria Ontiveros said...

I agree with Lizzie - such a fabulous assortment - especially love the cavalcade.

Elizabeth said...

I like the bamboo floor and the way the light shines on it. Also, the bagpipe players.