Sunday, August 1, 2010

looking at large wall decals

I’m realising that decorating the house means a lot of time scouring through brochures and websites looking for the thing that I want or that grabs me.

I’ve also realised that some aspects of house decoration leave me cold.  Really I cannot get excited about bathroom ‘furniture’ – as long as the basin, toilet and shower work then I’m happy.  Perhaps part of the problem is that it is all white and I just do not get excited by white.

So I decided to liven up the bathroom by putting a large decal on one of the empty walls.  Which meant several hours browsing various etsy shops and looking at an amazing range of ideas.

My favourites fall into three groups – trees; dandelion; urban [click image for link]

today I’m sharing the dandelions and the urban ones –

image Decor Designs

image Decor Designs

image Chuck E Byrd

image Lewa’s designs

image Qinqin decal

image Qiqin Decal

image Decals Murals

hard enough choosing between these – wait til you see the trees in the next post!

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

I like the blue going up the stairs, and the white against the red wall. The telephone lines are interesting but not sure how they would fit in a home decor. Definitely interesting though.